What, no groups on Sunday??

Our kids love their groups at Grace Church on Sundays, and we’re so grateful for all the work the leaders do each week. But now that we’re adjusting to a new normal without being able to gather physically, what does that mean for our kids?

Materials for Families at Home

Although this time together at home will provide families with all kinds of challenges – old and new – there are also opportunities. One of them is the opportunity to spend time with them in God’s word.

While we’re stuck at home, rather than sending our children off to their groups, let’s do what we can to help our kids to see more of how wonderful Jesus. I know that lots of parents don’t think of themselves as experts when it comes to teaching their children from the Bible, so we’ve put together some materials for families to use together on Sunday with under 11s. I’d like to encourage you to use them in one of two ways:

  1. Join in with the first part of the Grace Church Zoom meeting at 10am all together. Then when we get to the reading and sermon, go off as a family and gather around the word together using the material provided – you can join us again at the end depending on time.
  2. Use the material provided to meet together as a family before the Zoom meeting starts at 10am. Then join in with the Zoom meeting all together. If kids don’t track with the whole thing – that’s fine!

You can access the materials HERE. Parents will need to look at them in advance. If you don’t have facilities to print, let me know by midday Friday, so I can deliver to you. New materials will be added each week.

The material we’re using comes from Faith in Kids, who are streaming a video every Thursday on their Facebook page to help parents prepare.

For more details on how to join us for our virtual gathering on Sundays, use the contact form on this website.