Grace isn’t just a nice girl’s name or something you say before you eat your meal. For Christians, grace is the wonderful truth about God’s character that makes Christianity both brilliant news and totally unique.

Grace means getting something that we don’t deserve. So when you work for someone they give you your pay – and you deserve that (probably!). But if you get paid for having done nothing that would be grace. Christians believe that, because of Jesus, God can treat us with grace.

The Bible teaches that we deserve punishment because of the way we have treated God and other human beings – the way we have failed to love people as we should and all the other ways we have fallen short of God’s standards.

But because of His grace, God doesn’t treat us as we deserve (punishment)! Jesus offers to stand in our place and take the punishment we deserve so that we can go free. That is the heart of grace and it is amazing!

We believe that, in Jesus, God welcomes all kinds of people to come and be part of His family. We don’t become part of His family based on what we have done, but based entirely on the work of Jesus. We don’t deserve it – it is all because of grace.

We’d love to share more of what that means with you. It shapes what we do on a Sunday and we run courses to help you explore it. If you would like to find out some more on your own right now, why not watch the video below. Or, do get in touch.