While we can’t gather together physically, we’ll keep this page updated with latest news and resources to help us to love God and love our neighbours. The most recent post is at the top of the page. Scroll down for previous posts.

Life Explored

We all want to be happy. Why is lasting happiness so hard to find?

Life Explored is an informal and relaxed seven-week series for anyone who wants to find contentment and happiness in life.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t consider yourself to be religious, and you don’t need to know anything about the Bible. You can ask any questions you like, or you can just sit and listen.

Whoever you are, whatever you’re thinking, Life Explored is a place for you to discover the secret to true contentment.

We’re starting a Life Explored course over Zoom soon.

For more details, follow this link, or watch the trailer below.

To join us, use the contact form on this website.

How to join us on Sundays

This is the first Easter Sunday that church buildings have been shut across England since 1208AD!

It is a real sadness that we haven’t been able to meet together in person for 3 Sundays now, and Easter weekend won’t be quite how it should be without being able to join together under God’s word to sing and praise him for Jesus’ sacrificial death and powerful resurrection.

Having said that it’s also been a joy to be able to meet and pray together on Zoom. Pixels on the screen aren’t the same as people face to face, but it’ll have to do for now.

Whether you’re part of the family, or you’ve never had any intention of going to church, we’d love you to join us at one of our virtual gatherings. Here are three ways to join in:

Our meetings are hosted on zoom. For details of how to join, use the contact form on this website.

We’ll also stream the Zoom meeting to our Facebook page. Anyone who ‘likes’ our Facebook page will get a notification when we go live.

Right here on this site
For anyone who’d prefer not to use Facebook, and would like to watch anonymously, the same livestream will be available right here on our website.

Wrecclesham Community Group

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’”

Luke 10:27

Caring for our local community and loving our neighbours has always been an important part of our life together at Grace Church Wrecclesham, so it’s been a joy to join together with other people in our village, including friends from the Parish Church, to coordinate help for those who most need it during the coronavirus pandemic.

Details of how to get involved are below. The experts say that the worst is yet to come, so it’d be great to have as many volunteers on our list as possible so that we can meet needs as they arrive.

What, no groups on Sunday??

Our kids love their groups at Grace Church on Sundays, and we’re so grateful for all the work the leaders do each week. But now that we’re adjusting to a new normal without being able to gather physically, what does that mean for our kids?

Materials for Families at Home

Although this time together at home will provide families with all kinds of challenges – old and new – there are also opportunities. One of them is the opportunity to spend time with them in God’s word.

While we’re stuck at home, rather than sending our children off to their groups, let’s do what we can to help our kids to see more of how wonderful Jesus. I know that lots of parents don’t think of themselves as experts when it comes to teaching their children from the Bible, so we’ve put together some materials for families to use together on Sunday with under 11s. I’d like to encourage you to use them in one of two ways:

  1. Join in with the first part of the Grace Church Zoom meeting at 10am all together. Then when we get to the reading and sermon, go off as a family and gather around the word together using the material provided – you can join us again at the end depending on time.
  2. Use the material provided to meet together as a family before the Zoom meeting starts at 10am. Then join in with the Zoom meeting all together. If kids don’t track with the whole thing – that’s fine!

You can access the materials HERE. Parents will need to look at them in advance. If you don’t have facilities to print, let me know by midday Friday, so I can deliver to you. New materials will be added each week.

The material we’re using comes from Faith in Kids, who are streaming a video every Thursday on their Facebook page to help parents prepare.

For more details on how to join us for our virtual gathering on Sundays, use the contact form on this website.

Links and Resources for Families at Home

As you gear up for being at home, here are details of a few daily broadcasts and online resources that might help.

Love in Christ,

8.30-9am Monday to Friday
Come sing with me. With Olly Knight

11-11.30am Monday to Friday 
Songs, Bible and fun for families. With Michael Tinker. https://www.facebook.com/michaeljtinker

Clayton TV 
Video content including sermons, talks from Keswick and Word Alive, testimonies and more.

Faith in kids – have loads of resources for parents
Blog with book reviews and teaching ideas
Podcast for parents and kids
Wonder of Easter family Bible times download (if you want a copy of the Wonder of Easter let me know – I’ve got a few) 

Resources for Families, Children and Youth
Including articles, family devotion ideas, videos, music and podcasts

We won’t be meeting for a while

Following the Prime Minister’s update on Monday urging us to avoid ‘all non-essential contact with other people’, we’ve received clear advice from the Baptist Union that Sunday services should not now take place. All our groups will stop meeting physically for the foreseeable future. 

Gathering together is an essential part of our life and worship, so this decision has not been taken lightly, but in the spirit of serving the most vulnerable and honouring our leaders, it’s right that we take these measures.

We are working hard on how we can meet ‘virtually’ on Sunday mornings. Do set aside our normal meeting time of 10-11.30am. Although we won’t be able to be physically together, I would like to encourage us to gather round God’s word and respond together.

These meetings won’t be streamed publicly – if you’d like to join in use the contact form on this website to get in touch.

We’re also working on other ways to help us foster community, grow in our love for God and in loving our neighbours. We’ll share updates on this page.

We are living in extraordinary times, but Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever!

With love in Christ