Christianity, Unicorns - on much the same level?

Christianity, Unicorns – on much the same level?

At the Wrecclesham Fete this year we were once again giving away free candy floss and asking Wrecclesham a Big Question.

268 people from all ages and walks of life answered the question “If you could ask God one question, what would it be?”. Our team were on hand to try and answer some and provide free books with more answers for those wanting to dig deeper.

We did some analysis afterwards and here’s the breakdown of questions.

The category “Weird” was used for those questions that didn’t make sense and “Unicorns” captured the questions about these creatures (the My Little Unicorn company were offering rides at the Fete ☺).

So a small snapshot of what Wrecclesham is thinking about God… if you have questions and you’re seeking answers, our courses could be for you.

Maybe we’ll see you next year!